Glass Studio Build #4, Used 2016 Jan to May, Wood Shed
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Glass Studio Build #4, Used 2016 Jan to May, Wood Shed

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After the fire, we were staying at a friends house. We tried to rebuild the studio there. Unfortunately, there was some sort of miscommunication about us being there with permission from the owner, apparently, the owner didn’t know anything about it, and we ended up evicted. This studio ended up being dismantled and sold. Which is too bad it was a nice studio. Bakersville, NC

This is about the studio build after the fire.

The guys at Appalachian Storage (Ken) and the guys who handle the rental/purchase loans for the shed, were very kind to help us cover the cost of the new shed and the outstanding balance of the old one in the fire. Without their assistance and kindness, this studio would never have been rebuilt. We truly appreciate all their help after the fire, without them the idea of rebuilding wouldn’t have even been possible, and the fire would have been even harder to recover from.

A lot of the materials used on the inside of the studio was donated by local families and churches. We greatly appreciate all the help we received after the fire.

Thank you, Celo, and Bakersville/Snow Creek communities. Your help with donated materials, clothing, food, and even cash, made it possible for us to get the business back up and running in a couple months. Thank you.

Thank you to Red Cross for showing up the next day, and helping us get the basic emergency needs taken care of. For example, my child had no shoes, and it was winter.

Thank you Naria for giving KJ a blanket, and jacket, and socks the night of the fire.

Thank you for loving and caring for my daughter and my family while we watched our house burn. We are grateful.

Thank you to our Insurance company for processing our claim quickly.

Thank you to our local friends, our family (who traveled to us to help) for all pitching in and helping us with the cleanup!

Thank you for letting us use your tractor.

Thank you for showing up and helping us move things, and haul things to the trash drop off.

Thank you for lending us tools.

Thank you for letting us charge our battery-based tools.

Thank you for letting us use your showers.

Thank you for letting us use your internet access.

Thank you for listening while we tried to figure out what to do and how to feel.

Thank you.

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