Blog Weekly Update 6/2/2024
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Blog Weekly Update 6/2/2024

VLog Weekly Update 6/2/2024 2nd Week of May

Dug through some closets and boxes and found more of my supplies. There are still some inks missing. Some paints and brushes, and some of my art paper are still missing. They will turn up this month, I have enough to get started. Also build a new drying rack so I can work on more than one piece at a time.

Art Supplies!

Had an awesome call this month with Rafi and Klee. Rafi explained a cool way to do perspective. I need to pick up some rubber bands, pins, and some corkboard. I have a hardboard  board already. Might need a heavy duty glue sheet.  The build has to survive a cat and dogs.

Not much else to report. Started working on 3d modeling again, I’m so rusty.  It’s gonna be slow going.