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Week 5 – Jan 28 2024 Blog

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Personal Updates:

I’ve been sick and struggling this week. Did some simpler tasks. Worked on setting up the new websites. We’ve been getting rain all week. Warmer weather is around the corner. PC is in pieces, not new info yet.

Author Updates:

Finished round 1 of edits for scene 2, needs more polish. Finished setting up ream, just need enough pre-queued scenes in my books before I publish the page. Thinking I need at least a month for each book.

Artist Update

Watched some more Domestika courses on story boarding, and some youtube videos about creating manga in clipstudiopaint.

Game Programmer Update:

I did help a little with technical support this week in discord for Dragon Code by the pc is still in pieces so there’s not much I can do.

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