Artist Update – Q2 2024
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Artist Update – Q2 2024

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I wrote 3 books out of 5 of a series. They are in various states of editing hell. and books 4 and 5 are in various states of outlined, and rough draft depending on the chapter. It’s a cozy fantasy mystery series based in 1920 Cleveland, but with the twist that in 1820 magic was revealed to be real, as are mythical creatures. The books try to show how that would have altered the world while having a good adventure. Books 4 and 5 and probably 6 are based in 2020 Cleveland with the progression continuing. If I’m still having fun with it I might try to write 3 more in 2120 Cleveland, though I may do a post apocalypse style with a look at how the middle east, and Ukraine are being destroyed right now.

Any way this year my loose goals is to force my brain to edit and publish book 1, and end the cycle of rewrites that I’ve been stuck in for the last 10 years. So I’m going to publish one chapter at a time as a serial on my author website, and to publish each chapter as a webcomic on my artist site.

This is the style that I’m aiming for, for the webcomic.
I’ve sort of gone through and done the what I don’t like and do like about examples on WebToons.
Then I went and found Domestika classes, that cover what I really liked.

Creative Sketching: Fill Your Illustrations with Life and Detail
This is what I’m aiming for the foreground

This comic (and the books) are my favorites.
This is the character style I like, and I’m learning.

And for the backgrounds I like a sort of mix of these two styles.

Urban Sketching: Express Your World in a New Perspective

Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink

Ones more cartoony, and one’s more detail orientated for architecture, and Cleveland has some interesting structures.

I think these styles combined and in the grayscale, with only magic or important things being in color or highlighted with color is what I like the most so that’s what I’m trying to make.

I’m aiming to post daily updates on my blog about the webcomic progress. The posts are for me so I can look back and see positive progress.

I’ll be doing the same on my author site.
Serial is here:
Author blog is here:

My March tasks was to rebuild these sites on a new server, they used to be all one site with my coding/game projects mixed in as well, so the sites might still be a little weird.

I don’t have a background in these art forms so, and no education that ties into writing, I’m a computer/game programmer.

So the other classes I’m working through are:

** Comics – How To **

Manga Comics for Beginners: From Concept to Creation

Script Writing for Comics: Explore Visual Storytelling

Introduction to Storyboarding

Graphic Humor: Give us our Daily Comic Strip

From Idea to Vignette Step by Step

** Improving my drawing and finding my style **

Colored Marker Techniques for Manga

Alcohol Marker Workshop

The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art

Creative Doodling and Hand-Lettering for Beginners

Search-and-Find Illustration in Procreate

** Illustration – How To **

Watercolor Coloring for Comics and Illustrations

Illustration Techniques with Watercolor and Gouache

Dreamlike Illustration: Draw Your Imagination

Narrative Techniques for Illustrated Stories

Pictorial Sketchbook with Gouache

Watercolor Techniques for Dreamlike Illustrations

Illustrated Stories: From Idea to Paper

** Color Classes **

Introduction to Colour Psychology: Chromatic Narrative

** How to draw figures / characters **

Jazza’s Character Design Masterclass

Drawing the Human Figure & Expressive Poses

Character Creation for Animation: Shapes, Color, and Expression

Basic Principles of Drawing People from Imagination

The Art of Manga: Drawing Unique Characters

Just for giggles, 10 years of artist classes on udemy, that lead me up to the point I thought this might be an interesting project I could do.

How To Free Hand Draw with Square Drawing Grids
Cartoon Drawing Learn by Cheating
Relax with the mellow Watercolor Workshop videos
Art Fundamentals – Building Blocks of Digital Painting
Introduction To Fluid Art
Astronomy – State of the Art
Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing
Drawing for Beginners: How to Draw 25 Cartoons Step-by-Step
A Guide to Creating a Professional Artist’s Website
Physics of Rotation – Part 2 (Includes 14 Solved Problems)
Oil/Acrylic Painting Techniques and Color Theory
7 Steps to Gothic Calligraphy Public Speaking
Amplify your shading skills
The Secret to Your Painting’s Success
Sumie – Bamboo for beginners –
Learn To Paint This New Zealand Landscape Scene In Oils
Wagara Decorative Painting for Beginners
Watercolor realistic orchid painting: step by step
Fun & Easy Intro to All 78 Tarot Cards + Best for Beginners
Wicca Level 1: Witchcraft for Beginners
Watercolour painting. Beginners guide to Watercolor painting
Six Steps for Successful Studio Visits
TEMPTU Airbrush 101 – Intro to Airbrush
5-Step Crowdfunding Masterclass – Kickstarter PR
Publish your children’s book in print: A Crash Course

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