Color Swatching Markers
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Color Swatching Markers

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I color swatched my grey markers so I can pick what I want to use a little easier. The caps really aren’t all that accurate. Have fun and enjoy!

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I’m not sure but I think I’d like to purchase the missing colors so they sets are complete, but that’s probably my OCD whispering.


Ohuhu Markers for Adult Coloring Books: 100 Colors Coloring Markers Dual Tips Fine & Brush Pens Amazon Link

Ohuhu Alcohol Markers Brush Tip Grey-tone Amazon Link

Tombow 56171 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Grayscale, 10-Pack. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Markers Amazon Link

Bianyo Skin Tone Alcohol Markers, Set of 12, Dual Tip Bullet & Chisel Art Marker Set Amazon Link

Shuttle Art 15 Colors Grey Tones Dual Tip Art Marker Amazon Link

Alcohol Markers,168 Colors Art Markers with App for Coloring, Dual Tip Markers Amazon Link

Art-n-Fly Alcohol Colorless Blender Marker (Pack of 3) Amazon Link

Marker Storage

Went with these so I can turn them on their side. They were a little odd to put together but work really well. I’ll be hot glueing the cross sections in place, as the little nib bits on some of my markers get caught on the parts and pull the shelving apart. Amazon Link

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