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Struthless and the Alphabet Superset

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Art Challenge

In case anyone wants to do a creative challenge with me. I’m going to do 3 versions of this challenge which covers all the art I wanted to do this year as part of my goals.

Set Your Scope

  1. Trian Game Assets (Kids Hide Away – K-6 Educational Games)
    • Medium: 3d assets in blender
    • Style / Aesthetics:
    • Size: 512 to 256 square depending on the asset, think game tiles where each asset fits on 1, 2, or 4 tiles
    • Output: one usable asset for engines: output for unreal, unity, s&box, godot, od3e
    • Purpose:

Set Your Scope

  1. Hacker Game Assets (Kids Hide Away – 6-12 Educational Games)
    • Medium: 3D/2D Hud images, blender or procreate or gimp.
    • Style / Aesthetics:
      • Broad: Futurist Tech with Magic/Fantsay The game is a cyberpunk/shadowrun/fantasy theme. limited color palette.
      • Specific:
    • Size: Components for a Full Screen visual display. Components can be different sizes.
    • Output: PNG or psd or blender animation
    • Purpose:
      • To build a hud for a new game.
      • To expand my experience with interactive game hud design
      • To expand my experience with art programs

Set Your Scope

  1. Dragons Art for planner stickers, die cut stickers, and vtuber animations
    • Medium: procreate, live2d, sticker cutter software
    • Style / Asesthetics:
      • Broad: kawaii cartoon, cute cuddly dragons, limited color palette
      • Specific:
    • Size: 1024 square
    • Output: png, or psd, or vtuber animation or video
    • Purpose:
      • To build a portfolio of art
      • To build a portfolio of sticker products for the ecommerce site
      • To expand and improve my drawing skills pertaining to Dragons.
      • To do the 100 days of Dragons challenge (see ibis challenge)

The next question is usually Time. Where are you going to get the time. Well… I’ve already read over 300 books this year, so I’m going to swap some reading time out for art time for the length of this challege and see how I feel at the end of it.

What do I need to do to make this happen?
1. Clean my living room up and finish converting it to a working office, with space for art.

2. Move my setup to my new chair and desk.

3. Clean up the old desk.

4. Set up shelves.

5. Unpack all the art supplies and refrence books and put them away.

6. Set up video capture card, and pc for recording for vlog and animations.

7. Setup new box with windows.

8. Setup old box with linux for coding.

9. I dunno we will see when we get there, that’s already a lot to do.

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