Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ – Payment Processors and Social Media Logins
    Note —– Very important note. We have enabled the ability to login with different social media sites. We have also enabled the ability to pay
  • About Us – Why Share So Much?
    Why do you share so much about your busines and your struggles. Small businesses rely on making personal connections with the people around us (friends
  • 2020 – About Us
    Well, we started the year optimistically. We’ve been through fires, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, polar vortex, homelessness, unemployment, small business disasters, small business startups, long term
  • Who are you?
    My name is Keith. I am a glass artist and a line cook.
  • Why are you making these free files?
    We are a homeschool family. Most of the files we have created and uploaded are a simplified version of a file we use for ourselves
  • What are your Sticker Supplies?
    We use sticker paper from Online Labels. If you do not want to buy sticker paper in bulk they do list the paper in smaller
  • I love what you do! I want to help!
    Crafted By Little Dragons – Planner Stickers The rebuild of our sticker studio has started. Our new cutter is being delivered the week of Oct
  • How do you handle Shipping?
    We use small flat rate USPS boxes for shipping soaps. The standard flat rate prices are $7.70 in the United States. We use first-class white
  • What fuels do you use with your torch?
    We use a propane and oxygen mixture. The propane is standard liquid propane commonly used for your backyard barbeque, tank sizes can vary. The oxygen
  • What kind of torch do you use?
    We have a couple different torchs. We use Bethlehem Alpha for making beads. https://www.bethlehemburners.com/torches/alpha We use a National 8M for larger work, with a variety
  • What type of kiln do you use?
    We are currently using a Paragon Bluebird Front Loading Digital Kiln as a starter kiln. Eventually, this will be Keith’s bench kiln, and we will
  • What type of tools do you use?
    For glass work we use high density graphite or brass tools depending on the application. We use a variety of tools, some custom made. We

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