Penciled – Digital – Frame 004
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Penciled – Digital – Frame 004

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WebComic : Frame 004 – Pencil

I’ve been working on the Domestika course, and using Goodnotes to work on the rough draft.

This is Chapter 1, Scene 1, Frame 4. It’s a distance shot of Marcus the Book Sellers magical Vardo. I purchased a vardo model for Clip Studio Paint from TurboSquid and using their 3d model I can turn it and position it, and alter the camera position so I can get the perspective and basic shape the way I want it. Then I’m taking my time and embellishing it to match my story.

What classes are you taking for Story Boarding Comics?

Manga Comics for Beginners: From Concept to Creation

A course by Natalia Batista , Manga Artist and illustrator (Domestika Affiliate Link) Unit 2 and Unit 3

Script Writing for Comics: Explore Visual Storytelling

A course by Fred Van Lente , Writer (Domestika Affiliate Link) Unit 2 and Unit 3

Introduction to Storyboarding

A course by Laura Ewing Ferrer , Character Designer and Storyboarder (Domestika Affiliate Link) Unit 2 and Unit 3

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