Story Board – Analog – Frame 004
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Story Board – Analog – Frame 004

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Project: WebComic – Todd and the Fae

I’ve been working on the Domestika course, and switched to analog. As I mentioned yesterday I also rewrote the chapter to be first person, Todd’s perspective.

This is Chapter 1, Scene 1, Frame 004. Full Body shot, Todd walking.arriving at the trolley stop. Shadows of evil magic creeping around him in the fog, crawling up the sides of the building. I’m sort of picturing sort of octopus arms. I’m not sure yet how to draw the magic, or the fog. I’m thinking the whole comic will be in grayscale, except magic, which will be in colors, and really strong magic will be in metallic colors. I think the colors will match the elements, brown/dark gold for earth, blue/titanium for water, red/copper for fire, and grey/silver for air. I’m considering making my own runes to represent magic symbols, and complex magic will visually be similar to Celtic knots. I’ve drawn quite a few of them in the past as part of SCA scrolls, so I thought they might fit nicely. — Added more details to the buildings, added a door, a big shop window, and second story windows. Added details to the road for the Trolley track, and details to the sidewalk and buildings across the road.

Todd and the Fae - Webcomic - Chapter 1 - Scene 1 - Frame 4
Todd and the Fae – Webcomic – Chapter 1 – Scene 1 – Frame 4

What classes are you taking?

Manga Comics for Beginners: From Concept to Creation

A course by Natalia Batista , Manga Artist and illustrator (Domestika Affiliate Link) Unit 2 and Unit 3

Script Writing for Comics: Explore Visual Storytelling

A course by Fred Van Lente , Writer (Domestika Affiliate Link) Unit 2 and Unit 3

Introduction to Storyboarding

A course by Laura Ewing Ferrer , Character Designer and Storyboarder (Domestika Affiliate Link) Unit 2 and Unit 3

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