Why are you making these free files?

We are a homeschool family. Most of the files we have created and uploaded are a simplified version of a file we use for ourselves or a file we created to help our child learn important life skills.

I used to have a website where I posted the educational materials I created. I am almost finished with my elementary educator’s degree; I’m short my student teaching year. However, I am no longer physically able to teach in a classroom setting, due to chronic health and mobility issues. I have 10+ years as an adult educator for technical computer and internet related topics.

I will be adding teaching files, some free, some with a small fee. My lessons are designed for independent learners, homeschool students, or classrooms of 30. Hopefully, this will allow me to help give back to the community of teachers who were so kind to me during mt degree attempt.

I am also a computer programmer and working on game development and will be creating lesson plans, and video lessons about game development over the next few years. I focus mostly on educational games, with a focus on reading skills.

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