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Tired of manually configuring every store in every town for every type of store?
Did you add 30-plus stores and hundreds of items only to have the store break?
The Crimson Creek Team has a solution for you.

We’ve created a solution that we think you will love.
Each store type now has its own resource.

Where do I download the vorp_store_seeds?
It’s available on GitHub. https://github.com/craftedbylittledragons/vorp_stores_seeds
Yes, vorp_stores_seeds is open-source and free to download and use.
The latest version is always on GItHub, and we do releases, so you can roll back a verison if needed.

What about the starting data?
There’s a simple config file included with at least one example store location.

Do you offer a full list of stores for the whole map?
One of our admins has built a collection of stores locations. She’s willing to sell the data. (Screen Shot in Gallery)

Do you have an item list we can purchase?
One of our admins has built a very impressive items database. She’s willing to sell the data. (Screen Shot in Gallery)

Do you have item icons we can purchase?
Each of our admins make their own icons for their servers. You will have to ask if she’s willing to sell them. (Screen Shot in Gallery)

To purchase extra configuration data (store locations or items)…
Go to LittleCreek Discord: https://discord.gg/PYGQY3Vber and create a ticket to inquire about purchasing a copy of her config files.
To see how many stores she has configured, or to check out her extensive list of items, please login to LittleCreek and check out the server

— Update Log —
Updated zip to release 1.6.3

Item is available on GitHub for free. https://github.com/craftedbylittledragons/vorp_stores_seeds
This item has a $1.50 download fee to cover the cost of the website, and downloads.



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