Mystery Outline Template

Mystery Outline Template


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Mystery Outline Template – Digital Letter Size Does import as a page in GoodNotes(Apple) or OneNote(Windows).

Inspired by a book I read “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Modern Cozy Mysteries” also known as “How to write a cozy mystery by Nina Harrington”

4-Act structure. Builds the outline in layers, 4 sequences per act, and 4 scenes per sequence. 4 pages per template.

5 PDFs are available, 4 pages each, one for each Act.
1 PDF, the logic puzzle is a single page.
1 PDF, the Scene Summaries (3 to 4 sentences) is 16 pages.

I use these templates on my iPad to write my outline for my mystery novel.

I build the outline using one sentence for each part, making sure to hit the beats, plot points, or pinch points,  as each section needs.

Then on the next pdf, I fill in the clues so I know which clues happen in each section.

Then I fill in the timeline so I know where each character is in each section.

Then I list out which characters know which clues and when. 

Then when I’m done with the outline, I step through the novel with the logic puzzle and write out the clues as I progress through the story, this tells me when the reader has enough clues to solve the mystery. Need to make sure it’s solvable, but not too early.

Created in Canva.

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