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We’ve added three new videos to youtube. The videos are about where to start with a budget. The spreadsheets shown in each video is available for download for free. If you don’t have spreadsheet software, this file should work with google docs, or you can install the free office software from Open Office.

If your more focused on handwritten planner style budgets, you can use these spreadsheets as a template for designing your next budget spread. Just remember to make sure everyone is getting credit for the work they do, and everyone is contributing equally. It helps reduce the arguments about money, budgets, and spending. Don’t forget to add your savings, or sinking funds in too.

There are three budget videos, and three different files, they can be downloaded here:

Budgeting with RoomMates:

Budgeting with a Significant Other:

Budgeting with a Small Business:

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We use Instacart a couple times a month to order groceries. If your prone to grabbing things not on your list, or you have a spouse or kids that add things to the cart that break your budget, Instacart might be the solution you need. Evaluate your budget, check your pantry, freezer, and fridge, and then order only what you need. In my area Aldi’s is available on Instacart, so we can even avoid the name brand tax. When you use the above code I think you get $10 credit, and for the first 4 people, we get a $10 credit too. Enjoy!

If you love what we do, check out our store and see if there’s something you could use. We love making handmade functional items. If you don’t see anything you could use right now, but still want to help out, we now offer a donation option.

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