How do I change the G or E prompt colors?

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I bought your scripts and I’d like to change the color of the prompt’s text. How do I do that?

In the config.lua for any of our scripts with a prompt, you will see these lines, or something similar near the top of the file.

    stashprompt1 = "~q~[~u~ ",
    stashprompt2 = " ~q~] ",

Use this chart below to look up the colors you want. Then change ~q~ or the ~u~ to be the new colors.

~e~ Red
~o~ Yellow
~d~ Orange
~m~ Grey
~q~ White
~t~ Light Grey
~v~ Black
~u~ Pink
~pa~ Blue
~t1~ Purple 
~t3~ Light Blue
~t4~ Yellow
~t5~ Light Pink
~t6~ Green
~t7~ Dark Blue
~t8~ Light RedIsh

Can you make new colors?
Not at this time. These are built-in game mechanics. We are just using existing features to improve the visuals.


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