Cupboards Version 2 ( cbld_stashCupboards2 ) by Crafted By Little Dragons

Stash scripts allow players to interact with world items for example desks, dressers, cupboards, footlockers, crates, and barrels.

This script allows the addition of a focused item.
Add the ability to search cupboards, and limit the rewards to match pantry items.  

  1. The script requires VORP.   
  2. Search random items from the standard Vorp database
  3. Customize prompts
  4. Filter loot items
  5. Custom database

This script is preconfigured assuming you will import the new SQL table. Support is available if you need assistance implementing it. Requires basic knowledge of scripting and SQL database queries. Crates give blacksmith items and miners raw materials.

Crafted By Little Dragons creates scripts to enhance role-play and world interaction.

## Repository ##

  • None, download the zip through TEBEX


  • Requires database access.
  • Documented
  • Customizable


  • add `ensure cbld_stashCupboards2` to your file called `resources.cfg`.
  • restart the server, and enjoy.


  • vorp_inventory
  • vorp_character
  • vorp_core
  • custom items database (items.sql) — included
  • oxmysql or ghmattimysql

## license ##

  • this resource is protected by its license (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)
  • do not resale
  • personal use permitted
  • commercial use permitted


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