About Us

Why do you share so much about your busines and your struggles.

Small businesses rely on making personal connections with the people around us (friends and family), and people in our larger community. Connections are about being real, being present in the conversation, and active in the community. With the pandemic (it’s currently 2020) we don’t have to many options to connect right now. This website, and About Us section gives us one way to connect.

When we have sold in person, we frequently get questions about our business, and the path we took to get where we are, and the struggles we’ve overcome. We struggle with how much to share while being honest and open about it all.

These about us pages go over all of that, answering the most common questions while keeping most of our more personal and family struggles out of the conversation. These pages have helped us filter the content so it’s not too overwhelming for new friends and customers. It remains detailed enough to show our dedication to our business, our future, and helps us to show what our goals are.

We are happily crafting our own business and our own future. Join us on our journey! Chat with us about our business, and our products! Let’s build a better future with the core values of crafting, independence, and entrepreneurship, in other words, let’s support small businesses.

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After reading some of these please reach out to us. Let’s chat! Did your life take similar turns? Has your small business faced struggles? How did you deal with it all? What did you do? What are you doing now? Let’s connect! Let’s chat!

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